VSCSE - Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering

Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering

The VSCSE Summer School continues to be a popular choice for graduate students, post- doctoral students and professionals from academia, government and industry to gain the skills they need to leverage the power of cutting-edge computational resources.

Often the practical aspects of computational science fall between the cracks as computer science departments focus on what computer scientists need to know and domain science and engineering departments focus on the applications of computer science to those disciplines. The Virtual School was created to help students fill those knowledge gaps, preparing them to use emerging petascale (and then exascale) computing resources. Participating in the Virtual School also helps students build networks of fellow researchers who they can turn to for support and collaboration.

Virtual Summer School courses are delivered simultaneously at multiple locations across the country using high-definition videoconferencing technology.

"Congrats! The GPU course is excellent and well organized compared to many other CUDA courses that I have seen. Really appreciate the availability of videos for those who cannot attend in person, and for what I missed while busy helping parking/projector/accounts/exercises/cooking/snack/coffee/lunch. Though professors are not regularly paid by UHCL in summer, I am very happy to help bring the super-computing capability to our area through year-round XSEDE monthly training workshops, UC Berkeley APC XSEDE on-line course this Spring, and IU virtual summer school. My other local instructor TA Victor and tech support David are a great help for me this week. I will miss vistor next week when I will handle XSEDE summer bootcamp on my own. Thanks you for this opportunity for my students and our vital biomed, space, business and energy community in Houston and surrounding area (including folks 7-hr away from Oklahoma, Louisiana)!" -Liwen Shih, PhD, Computer Engineer Professor, University of Houston Clear Lake

The VSCSE Team at The University of Michigan: Sharon Glotzer, Erik Hofer, Karen Coulter and Meagan Lefebvre. Questions? Email Meags@umich.edu.

The Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering is supported in part by the National Science Foundation under award number OCI-1041313.